Gensets Control Panel

Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel

EA Genset Enerji Çözümleri offer wide range of AMF Panel. AMF Panel means Automatic Main Failure Panel (or A.M.F.) and it is generally connected with generators. It detects the power failure and starts the generator within a certain time limit and automatically switches off when there is electricity. Amongst the many applications, these are used for the continuous monitoring of three-phase voltage/current/frequency of mains and DG and its battery voltage. The AMF panel fitted with an AMF controller such as DKG-107, DKG309, D500, D700, DKG-105,DKG-107, or Deepsea 7320 

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel

An Automatic transfer switch panel, or ATS panel, is a type of ATS Penel  used with a diesel generator to automatically switch between the mains and generator in the event of a power failure. The generator will start / stop automatically depending on the mains supply.

EA Genset Enerji Çözümleri ATS panel is rated from 10A – 3600A. EA Genset Works with best ATS Panels are well known and internationally recognized brands such as ABB, LS/LG,SCHNEIDER,CHINT and ANDELI.

Automatic Synchronizing/Parallel Panels

EA Genset is a specialist designer and manufacturer of a wide range of Auto Synchronizing panels. EA Genset manufacturers Relay based as well as PLC based synchronizing panels as per our customers’ requirements. In the relay base Synchronizing panel we use a control & protection relay.

These panels are fully automatic as well as manual provision also.

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