Used Generators Wanted

Used Generators Wanted

EA Genset, which has been operating in the generator industry for more than fifteen years, offers second-hand generator purchase services of all brands and models. If you want to sell your used generator, EA Genset will help you. We have written the steps below to make the process as simple as possible for you.

You can sell your second-hand generator very easily by following the steps below. Or we will help you when our Second-Hand Generator Purchase department sends you the information of the generator by phone and mail. Email:


1-You can fill out the form below. You can send mail to or you can just send photos of the generator via whatsapp
The kVA of the generator?
Generator Brand?
Manufactured year and working hours of the generator?
Does the generator have a history fault? if known
Where the generator is located. In some cases we will need to see the generator.
Photos of the generator
2- According to the above information, we will give you an offer before we discover the generators at your place.
3-You will invoice us
4-We will organize the transportation of the generator.

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